I'm Jen.

Army Veteran, military spouse & mom of three, passionate about helping you live well so that you can lead well!

I help women associated with the military
live well to lead well.

Favorite Books

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

Meditations From the Mat by Rolf Gates

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

Morning Routine


Gratitude Journal

Snuggles from my youngest child


Meditation + Breath Work


You look at the growing pile of laundry and the to-do list you promised yourself you'd get to today. Surely you'd have a system figured out by now. 

You're grappling with loss or the feeling that you don't even know who you are anymore.

Where do you find joy in the midst of all this?

Imagine you're running late with a cup of coffee you've already reheated two times.

Slow down and take a few deep breaths.

There is joy even here.

When my own life was shattered by unimaginable loss, I learned that new chapters can be challenging to navigate. However, as I began my path to healing, I also discovered my greatest mission in life: to help others on their journey to live and lead well.

But how could this introverted, 90's hip-hop, donut lovin' woman help others?

I became a Certified Professional Life Coach and a Registered Yoga Teacher. 

I began offering tools and resources to help women connect and have the courage to fill their cups with the things that make them healthy, happy, resilient and full of purpose.

These experiences prepared me to create A Joyful Life with Jennifer, where you come as you are and learn ways to ground yourself in your values and live in alignment.

I drew on my experience with loss, my military career and my passion for wellbeing.

There’s no one way to live and lead YOUR best life, so my offer to you is this:

Come discover what living well to lead well feels like. Let’s partner together to understand your energy, uncover your values and create your wellbeing plan.

Are you ready to start your next chapter?

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Small, consistent steps lead to big, sustainable changes.

Words I Live By

daily hours of sleep



currently live in


years in the army



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Romantic Comedy



what's your favorite movie genre?

(although admittedly I don't watch many movies)

Romantic Comedy

My favorite movie genre is...




what's your drink of choice?

currently obsessed with iced coffee

Coffee (tea is a close second)

My drink of choice is...

Bora Bora

Puerto Rico


where would you like to vacay to?

I really want to visit them all, but Bora Bora is at the top of my list.

All three!

the place i want to vacation to is...





My Favorite Things

90's hip hop




Featured Articles

"6 Ways to Build Resilience From the Veteran Who Helped Create the Army's Resilience Curriculum" by Matt Crossman

Success Magazine

"A Surviving Spouse Becomes a Leader in Army Resilience" by Brian Feeney

US Army

"A Resilient Mind" by Michael Richardson (page 28)

Healthy Magazine

"Texas Veteran Inspires Others Through Her Business, Hope and Love" by Barry Roy

News 6

My Timeline

where I've been


Enlisted in the Army


First overseas assignment to Germany


Deployed to Afghanistan


Retired from the Army and started my first job in Corporate America


Became a Certified Professional Life Coach


Married Omari and started my own business


Became a yoga teacher


I get to work with women all over the world and help them find balance and JOY!

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