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for ALL women with any BODY

virtual workshops, free webinars and more! I also use the studio for all of my
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exras such as...

soulful music, time to move & restore and that are designed for every BODY no matter what your experience level is. All are welcome!

Classes that are filled with...

Come as you are to a safe space for you practice and take what you need. Each and every time.

A supportive environment

What you'll find in the virtual studio:

"Jen cultivates such a beautifully meditative space in all her classes. The flow is all at once calming, challenging and safe for newbies. For my husband, it was a perfect introduction to the practice."

— Tori Butler, Military Spouse

"As a woman veteran, I found yoga to help reduce my stress & as a supplement to my workout routine. Jen's classes are a welcomed source of light to my day. She has a calm, but strong energy that feeds the class & I feel like I am able to breathe easier & move more freely after her classes. Her ability to hold space while teaching mindful classes shows her passion for this practice."

— Ashley Forshey, Army Veteran

"Jen showed me quickly that yoga is not about being flexible. She makes it a unique experience every time and caters to the needs of each individual class making sure you get exactly what your intentions are for that day."

— Tanisha Bradford, Military Spouse

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My why...

Living an authentic, courageous and connected life creates the space needed in order to live fully and be well, on and off my mat.

Authentic in who I am and what I offer

Courageous no matter how uncomfortable

Connected to the people and things that create positive energy and inspire new perspective

Through a pace that is slow(er) and soulful, I find myself present for the practice and for the moments that truly matter.

Guided Meditation with me

Start your meditation practice today! The benefits are tremendous - you deserve each and every one!

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10(ish) minute guided meditation with me

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Questions & Answers

when did yoga become "your thing"?

After practicing off and on for years, there was one class that forever changed me. It was slow, soulful and full of introspection. That class, taught by Mary Beth LaRue, inspired me to lean in to exploring stillness, slowing down and allowing myself to feel.

what is your style of teaching?

The style that feels best and in alignment with my why (see above) is a slow, soulful and breath focused vinyasa class.

why did you become a yoga teacher?

I became a yoga teacher because I felt called to share the power of the practice (not just the physical poses) with women like me. Women who need and long for the benefits of yoga but aren't quite sure how to tap into them.